Making the space for a reimagined Sunrise Cycleway – and a safe and enjoyable seafront

Following the removal of the Sunrise Cycleway at the beginning of November, we’ve been working hard to develop a campaign for a reimagined version, which responds to the tricky issues raised but also aims to create space for everyone to enjoy our beautiful seafront and coastal spaces safely, during the winter months, the Christmas holidays and in to 2021.

We’ve all seen how busy the seafront still is – and not only in good weather or weekends.

And it’s not only the seafront; traffic jams on Park View don’t help us enjoy our Christmas shopping.

We think our plan is a workable alternative, allowing for two-way traffic along the seafront where necessary, but placing the emphasis on creating safe space for walking, cycling, scooting, wheeling – and generally just enjoying our coast, at a time when getting out for some fresh air and exercise with our friends and family (according to the appropriate rules, of course) is especially important, for our physical and mental health.

We think this plan will also make visiting – and spending money in – our coastal businesses – restaurants, cafes, shops, and services – easier and much more pleasant. At the moment, we need space for take-out and click-and-collect queues, but through December and January, we imagine we’ll still see lots of people wanting to eat outside. Creating space for cafes and restaurants to have safe and pleasant outdoor tables will be enormously valuable for their business – and people who linger will also be more likely to pop into other shops too. This is how we imagine Park View, Tynemouth Front Street, and the Fish Quay.

You can see our plan here, animated to show how cars will circulate and how others can move around the coast (there’s even an ice cream van!).

We see this as a plan that can be tweaked when it’s in place to respond to concerns, to find ways of making it work better – that’s what putting in temporary infrastructure allows.

If you have ideas or comments, and if you want to work with us to campaign to put this plan into action, email us at

1 thought on “Making the space for a reimagined Sunrise Cycleway – and a safe and enjoyable seafront

  1. Joe Caffrey Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the Sunrise Cycleway. Along with my wife we regularly were able to cycle safely from Whitley Bay to Tynemouth and the Fish Quay. I am over 70 and the cycleway gave us wonderful opportunities for safe regular exercise and of course buying fresh fish from the Fish Quay.
    In addition we loved the uplifting atmosphere on Park View on a Saturday. Casually walking up the street, stopping to shop and safely talk to friends.
    A suggestion for the future is extending holding a Sunday Market on Park view.

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