Adapted Bikes & Trikes – Kidical Mass

We’ve arranged for some of the fleet of adapted bikes and trikes managed by Active North Tyneside to be available for the Whitley Bay leg of our Kidical Mass Ride Monday 8th May. If you’d like to sign up to come along and use one of the bikes then contact us here to book a place and please give us as much information as possible on what type of bike you’d like to use.

North Tyneside Councillors and bike users demonstrate some of the bikes

If you’ve used North Tyneside’s fleet of bikes before then what’s different about Kidical Mass?

  1. Kidical Mass is a big mass participation ride with hundreds of people involved, it is very focussed on kids and families but anyone and everyone is welcome. Check out the photos below.
  2. Although the Whitley Bay end of the ride starts from Churchill Playing Fields its not just a ride around the park, we’ll head out through the streets of Whitley Bay and down to the Dome before heading along the coastal path to Cullercoats.
  3. Did you say “on the streets”? Yes, but riding with 200 people is very different to being by yourself. Even if you wouldn’t normally consider riding on street or haven’t done so before you’ll find that with all the other people around you the experience is very different, and very fun.
  4. Kidical Mass is a Marshalled ride with our team escorting the riders and every step planned, you’ll be directed along the way on how to join and leave the path.
  5. There’s ice cream and cake at the finish, music along the way, and some great interaction as we pass’d the foaks alang the road………. aal wi’ smiling faces

We’ll be making at least five places available with the following bikes from North Tyneside’s fleet heading to meet you at the start. Here’s a list of the fleet options, if you’re not sure what would suit then we can put you in touch with someone who can chat about how they work.

Jorvik JET elite 24″
Jorvik JET elite 20″
KMX Kolt (tadpole recumbent)
Delta recumbent
Adapted trike
Adapted trike
Draisin Tandem trike
Wheelchair trike
Smile Trike

Contact us here to book a place and we’ll look forward to riding along our beautiful coast with you on the 8th May!

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