North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part1

North Tyneside Council is inviting views until the 24 October 2021 on permanent, segregated spaces for walking and cycling along the seafront between the North Shields Fish Quay and St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay.

This is a complex project and as the consultation progresses we’ll be putting forward comments & questions on some aspects of the proposals. But for now, here are six components of the consultation where we’d encourage our members to unleash a wave of positivity for what are some really positive changes to our coast. Click on the “Good Idea” icon and leave a comment for each of the six:

North Tyneside has the opportunity to deliver a really high quality route for everyone walking or wheeling along the coast, with all the benefits that will bring for local people and visitors. The six proposals above are some of the best bits.

In your comments it is important to stress that both cycleway and footway width must be wide enough to accommodate growth including a high volume of pedestrians and cyclists on all types of bikes.

You can come back and comment on other bits of the project later on in the six week consultation. (If you click “Finish” you can still come back and edit / add new comments right up to the consultation close).

2 thoughts on “North Tyneside Sea Front Sustainable Route Part1

  1. John hodgson Reply

    Love this project. So good for the sea front. So much thought and effort has gone into this plan. I really hope it goes ahead.

  2. jeanne macdonald Reply

    I agree it is a vast improvement to last experiment but now after a studied review of complete plans I’m concerned about the proposed diversion past Priory and Kings school in the village. Not only a risk to school children, this will cause an almighty traffic jam during morning and afternoon. Anyone trying to access the village from Manor Road during these times will find it almost impossible. I want to support cycling for the young but feel future plans need motorists and cyclists to work selflessly together, all I read at present is the sniping at each others differing views

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