What can you do to save the Sunrise Cycleway?

North Tyneside Council has confirmed that they intend to dismantle the Sunrise Cycleway after this October half-term – you can read their statement here. Whilst plans for the future are promising, removing the existing cycleway is a retrograde and unnecessary step – 37 North Tynside NHS staff made this very clear in their recent letter to the council, reported in The Chronicle.

What can you do to try to save the cycleway?

  1. Contact your North Tyneside Council ward councillors to express your support for the cycleway and telling them what it means to you. We’d also suggest you ask them who made the decision to end the cycleway trial, when and where this decision was made, at which meeting, and with what evidence.
  2. Submit the following question to the upcoming ‘Ask the Mayor’ Council meeting on 26th November: “Please can you extend the ETRO for the Sunrise Cycleway to end on 31st December 2021, if that is not possible, explain the reason why that cannot be done?”. Tell the Mayor about your personal experience, and how the Sunrise Cycleway has benefited you. Putting forward your own personal experience and viewpoint will make a greater impact. This should be emailed to democraticsupport@northtyneside.gov.uk before 17th November.
  3. Add your comments to this Sustrans survey.
  4. Sign the petition here http://sunrisecycleway.org and get your friends and family to sign it too – over 1000 additional people have signed in the days since the dismantling of the cycleway was announced.
  5. If you’re out and about on @SunriseCycleway over half-term, whether walking, cycling, wheeling, scooting or running, with friends or family, for fun or travelling to work or on errands, please share your favourite photo with the hashtags #ItHasToStay and #ItDoesntHaveToGo, tagging us (@NTyneLivingSt), the council, and the cycleway, telling @NTCouncilTeam what the cycleway means to you.
  6. Join us – email us livingstreetsnt@gmail.com, and click through to our parent organisation to join the national organisation Living Streets.
  7. Follow us on Twitter and on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “What can you do to save the Sunrise Cycleway?

  1. Doreen Renney Reply

    Come on North Tyneside. Surely the only losers here are the environment polluters. This cycle path is surely the way forward.

  2. D Shorey Reply

    Please save the cycle way and the one way traffic..it’s the best thing that’s happened to the seafront in years.

  3. Gerry Beldon Reply

    If the cycleway is going to be permanent it requires more careful planning, but, speaking as a Walker and driver, I think we need it. It should stay.

  4. Tracey Tofield Reply

    Shawshank redemption says-‘get busy living or get busy dying’.
    Come on NTC. Cars? Really ? Let’s get busy leading the way not following the money.

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